The Ride – Let’s Get Some Audio

27 Sep

The Ride is a personal experience game about how it feels to ride. And being a personal experience game – what better audio than the sounds that my own motorbike actually makes?

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Tonight I met up with the three audio students that agreed to work on the ride with me.


We discussed a few ideas of what positions the mic’s could be in to record the best audio with the least amount of wind, loaded me up with different mics and set me off to ride. The best mic ended up being the last one we tried which was taped to the inside of my jacket – completely protected from wind.

I never thought I’d be riding a motorbike while strapped up with mics – especially to record audio for a game I’m making. This blog is just – here’s a thing we did. It was something out of the ordinary, and it was a really worthwhile. The experience alone and getting to work some people who are in a different discipline, but share the same enthusiasm and passion for what we do. Unfortunately the project was so short for me, the audio guys said this would be a project they would love to have a few months on.

Edit: Chris did a vlog on some of the audio stuff we did for the ride.

Game dev makes me feel like spongebob:

Spongebob Dance.gif

Until next time –



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