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UI Transparency Animation

In the latest edition of my UI side dabble project – I’ve gotten spells to cast buffs. When buff has a duration of 20 seconds or less, I want its transparency to start fading in and out much like World of Warcraft’s buffs do.

World Of Warcraft Buff Transparency.gif

I was going to write a whole bunch of code that makes it do what I want. I was going to  get the canvas group component, set variables – min and max values and if the it was fading down or up blah blah. But then I remembered in one of my recent games MindState that in my section of the game (Anxious watery cave) that I was going to do the same to move a water image sprite. But instead, I just created an animation and let it handle the rest. Dabbling with the built-in Unity animator for the first few times takes a little bit to wrap your head around, but by this point I knew exactly what I needed to do and how.

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