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Hatching The Egg – CIU110.1 Blog Post 1 (week 2)


My name is Nic Lyness.

I’m studying a Bachelor of Games Development at SAE QANTM. I’m writing this blog because it is part of an assessment and it is designed to create an online presence.

Over the years, I have been heavily invested into games. From my childhood, to this current day, and many more to come, games have played a monumental role in my life. I have reached a point in my adulthood where I have decided to pursue a career in the gaming industry.

For me, Blizzard Entertainment has been the point of inspiration. Delivering great games such as – Warcraft III (And the Frozen Throne expansion), Starcraft, World Of Warcraft, The Diablo series, Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm, along with so many other marvelous games. I love Blizzard’s visual aesthetics, story telling/dialog/narration, campaign’s, artwork, cut scenes, imagery, literally everything about every game they have made.

Ultimately, my dream job would be to work for Blizzard Entertainment. They deliver products that I, as a gamer and hopefully one day as a designer, can stand behind and believe in what’s presented.

Your Dream Job Is Closer Than You Think

I’m sure that the journey to my dream job will be an adventurous journey itself. I am so excited and nervous at the same time, finally realising the career path that enables me and pushes me to be who I truly am and want to be.

This is why I am so excited to be in the industry, to create, learn and play a major role in the gaming industry. To be a part of something that brings such a colossal amount of people together. I am so passionate about wanting to be a part of such a massive community, it oozes from me.

Here is a link to a video that I find invigorates me on so many levels. I hope you can appreciate this like I do, even if you have even the slightest interest in anything game related.

In the video, Blizzard Entertainment defines what makes them “Blizzard”. They are a community that thrive in that environment together, and they invest in each other. They don’t just create experiences, they create memories and relationships at the same time whilst relishing in one of their incredible products. They are always trying to better themselves, their environment and the products they deliver. THAT, my friends, is why I aspire to be a part of the greatness.

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