Studio 3 – The Past 13 Weeks

04 May

Studio 3 and I made/worked on an app for a commercial client – New Intelligence.


I wrote a few blogs on the things I did:

I made a game with Nicholas Staracek – called Freedom Through A Lens.
(Programmed and did UI)


Which got featured on (EDIT: 6) sites!

Waypoint VICE

Jupiter Hadley Resist Jam Favourites





I prototyped a menu where all of the UI elements are physical objects. And this menu aims to eliminate load screens and down time with player interaction, never removing the player from the game.

I watched and took some notes on Anisa Sanusi’s GDC talk on Dark Patterns:

Started to read through a Usability through motion manifesto.

View story at

I worked on a controller based button pressed UI with some juice and random fill origin, method, rotation with some shake.

I Read a book on UI design:.

I made a Turntable UI that works with 3d or 2d elements. Created animations in unity.

I recreated the functionality and part of the aesthetic that Dirt: Showdown uses for their menu.

I converted some GUI (Unity 4) from a paid asset into Unity 5.+ UI and condensed it to not use so much screen space.


Got trained in Interview Techniques from New Intelligence to know the content in order to make the app for them.


Until next time –


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