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2D Sprite Sheet – Slicing

Studio 2’s second game is what will be a 2D walking simulator (with a jump button) that flows through 4 emotions. We have an animation collaborator Macauley. He’s making our character sprite and animating it through sprite sheets.

I’m really new to 2D. Art based 2D anyway. I’ve always just used assets I found on internet and unity’s asset store. Because we have an artist with us who is making our character and using sprite sheets. I needed to learn how to make it animate. Do its stuff.

Ash Jagath was close enough and had experience with this before. He showed me the ropes and basics of 2D sprite sheet splicing. I could go into detail about how Рbut unity pretty much has it covered. We are also using a 2D character controller I found online. It already has an Animation controller set up with it РSo all I needed to do was Рwhen I sliced the animations correctly parse them into the controller.


Animation Controller



For some of the other animations – such as the jump, there were to many frames leading up to when the jump actually happened as opposed to when the character actually left the ground. This was partly our fault for not telling the animator that for the game, the jump would be instantaneous. But I edited which frames were being used for the jump to make it more instantaneous.


Jump Shortened.JPG

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Posted by on October 19, 2016 in 2D, Animation, Game Dev