New Intelligence – A New Chapter

07 Feb

head_logoA company called New Intelligence has approached the University and presented a problem they’d like solved. The problem still hasn’t been revealed to me (us) yet. By us I mean there are three other designers that will be working along side me (and I along side them).

They’ve initially had contact with our facilitators and given them the overview of what they do and the overarching goal of what they want.

  • An app for Android and IOS.
  • A Serious Game.
  • This serious game solves their problem of ‘x’?

We’ll end up meeting with people from newIntelligence a week from now to discuss in more detail what they want and where we go from there.

So what do newIntelligence do?

Essentially they train their clients to have better ‘Interview Skills’ – to get the most reliable information out of an interview. They also do a Human Skills program to help ‘Read People’ and ‘Influence people’. Quite a specific skill set to train right? That’s what I thought too. But with their client base, it makes sense as to why to teach those specific skill sets.


So how will a serious help them achieve their problem of ‘x’? What game could we design to help them achieve what they want? That’s a good question. Before we meet the client I think it’s a good idea to do some research on what a serious game is and draw some information by playing or looking at some educational games and serious games.


Until next time.



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