Gender Neutralism – A Dialectic inquiry

27 Oct

This is a video where I discuss gender neutrality and heteronormativity, particular aspects such as marketing, what it is now and how it’s changed over time and its implications. While also discussing heteronormativity and it’s relation to games, I delve into my opinion on why gender stereotypes should be a thing of the past. I believe that everyone should feel free to be whoever they want to be and express and create things free from pressures of ideologies formed and forced by society. While this video is only very short in comparison to the amount of issues, opinions, facts and examples at hand, its purpose is to bring to attention that we are all ultimately equal. We have the power within us to reject existing stereotypes and inspire others to do so as well. As a creative practitioner in game’s development, my creations have bigger implications other than amusing whomever consumes it. As a practitioner, I hope to create pieces of media that aren’t forcing characters or players ideologies of characters that reinforce that we can be categorized into gender roles or stereotypes.

Warning! A Drawing of female genitalia is present 2:33 – 2:40.

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