Transmutation: New Audio Feedback

26 Aug

In a previous blog post I mentioned that Transmutation needed more feedback, especially audio.

More Audio feedback.JPG

Since that blog post, I have in fact added:

  • A new 2 minute audio sound until the elevator arrives.
  • Make a player say “Two minutes until the elevator arrives, we can survive for that long can’t we?”
  • Every time the elevator moves down a floor, it dings.
  • Audio feedback for when players are taking damage. They use the proper audio students ugh sounds. Plus i also added a mutant bite sound, so when they deal the damage, it sounds like they’re taking a big chomp out of the player.
  • When the player hits a mutant, The mutant also plays the audio students ugh sounds. And when the weapon (be it Ham, pots, or broom) hits a mutant the correct weapon sound is played.
  • Some more radioactive audio feedback as well as some more UI visual feedback.

Some different audio feedback to let the players know what’s going on. Like when they have enough radiation to move faster or are almost dead it will play some audio to let them know “I can’t take much more” or “I feel different”. All of the sounds are now half way between a 2D sound and a 3D sound. It’s so they can hear it in the direction it’s coming from but loud enough at all times so they can hear it.

Quite a few of the tracks (apart from the female voice) I’ve altered to make the characters sound different. I used Audacity to record and edit these sounds. The elevator audio sounds have been edited to have no bass, full treble, changed the pitch from my own voice to about 15% higher, and then make the speed about 15% faster to make it sound the way it does. The static sounding speaker voice.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Some of the player voice pitch has been changed to more bass and less treble, a slower speed and a lower pitch to make it sound like they’re not my own voice, and then when they’re even more radiated, sound more like mutants or alter from their original voice.


White Skulls - Rad Handle.JPG

I also changed the UI slider bar to have the Radiation symbol as the handle that slides along with the value of the current radiation. Added three different skull images that get filled vertically with the value of the players radiation to provide more feedback that radiation will kill you. The UI slider bar also flashes yellow for a second when the player takes damage from being attacked or stands in radioactive goop.

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