The End Of Studio 1

26 Aug

This will be the final blog for studio.

Sad Egg.gif

Since starting studio 1, my knowledge has expanded of not only who works in the industry and what they do, but how hard making games of the magnitude I was aiming for actually is. Listening to Ben Droste’s public lecture gave me a great deal of insight on what it takes to make a game like ‘The Eyes Of Ara’ – Ben is a level designer and an environment artist. Listening to Van and Scott’s public lecture revealed to me the opportunities and the ever constant push required to make something of yourself while not in Uni. Making the three game prototypes reinforced the fact making games is really hard but it’s exactly what I want to do. Originally my career goal was to work for Blizzard Entertainment as a level designer. This hasn’t swayed at all – but I’ve taken on the understanding that it could potentially be a very long and hard road to travel. Not that anything else is inadequate, but the fact that I have a goal that aspires to be ‘part of the greatness’ I feel means that I aspire to that quality. I want to continue to absorb and apply as much information as possible which will ultimately lead me towards this goal.

Baby Steps

Only recently having a taste of creating some 3d objects and 2d images, I am genuinely keen on continuing to create all varieties of 3d and 2d assets that can be used to bolster my skills as a designer. Because like Ben, there’s so much more than sculpting a landscape for players to walk on. I will start to explore areas of asset creation then enable me to construct a level (be it 2D or 3D) with my own personal flair and consistency. Whilst what I’m creating now or in the near future might not be specifically applicable to my end journey, every lesson, experience or process will be. Instead of directly aiming to reach the end of the journey, I hope to venture of onto different paths which will require me to broaden the spectrum of level design but allow me expand my knowledge of the different elements that makes up level design.

It already seems that I’m constructing my own path to walk. But it needs a cave!

Until next time –



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