Transmutation: Mutant Particle Systems

24 Aug

Transmutation felt bare bones without anything other than audio feedback. So I decided to fiddle with the particle systems built into unity.

Particle Systems

Particle System

What I wanted, was to create a little explosion of little radioactive goop particles when the players hit the mutants. So firstly I ended up making a random little radioactive goop blob in 3ds Max.

Then imported it into unity, and made my particle system contain the new goop blob. The Render mode needs to be mesh, not billboard. I made my goop blob have the colour and size I wanted before making it a prefab and then making the particle system use the prefab as the object to spawn. From there it was a matter of exploring all of the options of particle systems to try to make it look like a little explosion of blobs.

Big Goop Burst.gif

They all start with a random rotation and randomly rotate through the air. They scale smaller and smaller as time goes on to make it look like they’re shrinking as they fall further. It also only happens in a small burst. It was close, but it was missing something. I came up with the idea to create a second particle system with a different shape to give it the extra feel of goop flying out, rather than having the same object every time.

Tiny Radioactive Goop Particle

Little Glop


A sphere that resembles a blob. Because it was going to be small in size, it wouldn’t need a distinct shape. But it needed some modifying from a perfectly round sphere to make it actually look like a little blob of liquid.

Tiny Blob Particle System.gif

Each Particle Effect

The only thing left to do was make it happen when the player hits the mutant. The mutant needed to have reference to the particle systems and the players weapon was already dealing the damage, so this is where it would tell the mutant to play the particle system burst.

Particle Systems

Particle Systems In Mutant

Play The Particle System

In Player’s Weapon

I knew the mutants were going to destroy themselves if their health got to zero, which would mean that if a particle system is playing while the mutant dies, the particle system would instantly disappear. That’s not what I wanted, so when the mutant is about to die, make the particle systems their own object to finish playing.

Particle System Make Parent Null

Make Parent Null

Tadaa! The desired effect has been achieved!

Combined Particle Effect.gif

Until next time –



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