Transmutation Lighting Effects

19 Aug

Because Transmutation is in a canteen 5 levels underground and is currently going through a nuclear meltdown the level environment needs to be lit in a different manner. 5 Levels underground – there are no windows to look outside, there is no direct sunlight (also because it’s night time) and there are radioactive mutants running around. All of these elements combined is reason enough to want to focus on the lighting.

So – my particular goal was to create a level environment that is well lit in it’s original form, but when things go wrong – have emphasis on and have the player rely on the siren lights and the radioactive mutants for guidance. The reason why I wanted the lighting to be like this is because in a completely confined space with no natural source of light or constant activated light there needed to be a way to have lighting without giving the players a torch. Also because there was an opportunity to utilize having radioactive mutants in a confined space. The intent was to create a dark atmosphere that still gave the players ability to traverse the environment but to also have opportunities to create more well lit areas. It also fit in with the “Horde Mode” feel of the game – having more and more enemies would generate more and more light. Of course there is a point where there is too much and that’s something that still needs working on.

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But, there’s a significant difference between dimming the lights by a fair bit – and turning them off completely. Having them turned off completely makes the only way to see anything other than the elevator light and the siren lights is through the light that Mutants produce. This wasn’t the desired effect because I still wanted players to be able to visibly see and traverse the level environment that I had created for them. So instead of disabling the lights – dimming them by a great deal still enabled the room to have enough light to see the outline of where objects were placed, making it still possible to traverse the level.

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At all times the level has enough constant light to enable players to traverse the area they need to.

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