Post-Brass Razoo

17 Aug

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Brass Razoo!

What a night. It was the first time that I’d had a game ready for play on display in public. It wasn’t nearly as nerve-racking as what I thought it’d be. I actually thoroughly enjoyed it. A room full of Games created by people trying to achieve the same thing – Enter the Games industry. Along with many people who are interested in Games or Game Development. Studio 2, 3 and Final Project were also there and the event was more-so to shine the limelight on them more-so than us. But that’s fine because our time will come.

Many people who played transmutation often didn’t finish the game, but had many giggles along the way. We didn’t receive any constructive criticism – but more opinions and thoughts towards our game. The general consensus was a thumbs up. People asked what the setting and premise was, so we gave them the run down and got the feedback that what we did was a pretty well done representation of what we were trying to achieve.

While the point of Brass Razoo wasn’t to show the world this new masterpiece ‘Transmutation’, but rather to dip our feet in pond of the game development community.

I Cannon-Balled In.

This is the moment I’ve been waiting for, an event that I knew some little and big game dev fish would be attending. I got to chat in person with a few of some of the people I’d been interacting with over social media where I’d been building a presence for myself.

I got to chat (but not in length) with, introduce myself or catch up with:

Anais Riley, Elliot Lewis, James Bowling, Sarah Smith, Scott Modra, Van Phadilok, Ray Morgan and Lee May from Zed Games  and some other general public. I already knew James, Scott and Van and we’d met in person before. I’d spoken to Anais a few times online. I Met Elliot and Sarah for the first time.

Morgan Jaffit was also there, And he was playing all of the games from studio 2 on wards and giving some really meaningful constructive feedback on their games. He was one of the people who I have had no prior contact with and was most excited to try to introduce myself. He was always having a conversation and I didn’t want to be rude and barge in and say “YO I’M NIC” (I would have done so in a more professional manner). I thought to myself don’t hover or try push the introduction, If he swings by transmutation or has a spare second it would be a perfect time. He eventually left without the opportunity for me to introduce myself, which was upsetting but I was also very sure that this wouldn’t be the single opportunity in a lifetime to meet or talk to Morgan.

The best part about the exhibition was getting to meet people and stand back and appreciate that I had the opportunity to meet these students, facilitators and industry professionals and soak in the experience. It was the best part because the exhibition wasn’t about showing off Transmutation, It was about being part of the community, the industry. It made me feel so content and like I was in the right place and on the right path. I really can’t stress that enough.

I’m so appreciative to even have the opportunity.

Until next time –



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