Transmutation External Play Test Session 2

15 Aug

The second play test went much better than the first.

We Changed/Added:

  • A main menu that was controller operated, had a button that explains what the controls are and a quit button.
  • We added navmesh to the mutants so now they’re properly navigating the areas.
  • There’s audio feedback for when player’s get hit, they play an ow sound regardless of which character is selected but its currently a 2d Sound so it always sounds like the player that is selected is getting attacked even though someone else is.
  • There’s audio feedback for when mutants get hit, they play an ow sound.
  • We implemented the buffs so players move faster, attack faster and deal more damage when attacking. But the attack buff actually makes players attack slower…
  • We added camera rotation on the right joystick and camera clipping so the camera doesn’t horribly go through walls. But the camera doesn’t automatically rotate back to the position behind the camera. The players need to click the right joystick to reset it which isn’t obvious at all.
  • The elevator opens and triggers a game over panel to restart or quit.
  • Reduced the spawn rate to make the game easier to complete.


  • No-one reads the controls. So many people are still not aware of switching,
  • On restart the mutants don’t move to find targets and clustered for a good while then exploded into the rooms.
  • Mutants are still aiming for dead players, so at some points there’s no threat from mutants at all.
  • The changes that I made to the UI to let people know the green bar is radiation and bad went missing.
  • People still don’t know the objective of the game so there needs to be more goal oriented feedback.
  • We aren’t asking the right questions to get important feedback about what is right or wrong with our game.

Based on player feedback and watching the play test videos we need a giant amount more feedback to let the player’s know whats going on.

  • Let player’s know that the elevator is arriving and that is the goal. Survive until it arrives.
  • Audio to let them know when the elevator is arriving.
  • Feedback for the elevators progress.
  • On screen controls so if people skip the controls option they are still learning how to play the game.
  • More feedback for when the players are taking damage.
  • More feedback for when mutants are taking damage.
  • Feedback that more radiation is bad but still makes the players gain abilities.

Will post an update soon on the progress of more feedback.

Until next time –



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