Game Dev Exhibition At The Ekka!

07 Aug

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I went to the Ekka today with Marv and Josh and worked my latest game prototype Transmutation. Actually working on games in a public space was a first for me – and I mean public not just in a university class room public. Random people wandering past while my computer was hooked up to a large screen for everyone to view my every move.

Okay it wasn’t that bad. It was a really great experience, being able to show off my teams game and watching people learn that games are actually made and don’t suddenly appear. I actually got quite a bit done in that day too. I had my task list of what needed to be done and focused on all of the things that I could get done to show to people that I’m actually working on stuff – not just sitting here. Majority of the conversations that I had were often with parents whose children were using a program called “Scratch” and how to fix something. To the best of my ability I tried to describe solutions to the problems they were describing without setting everything on fire. One of the parent’s mentioned that the child had an assignment that was being done through scratch. So small part’s of Game Dev are slowly being incorporated into education? GO TEAM! I remember watching an Episode of Good Game where Goose went to a Gympie school that has started teaching people some aspects of Game Development.

I tried to engage in conversation with anyone who approached close enough and showed interest with hopes I might be able to pass on some wisdom or help nudge someone to follow their dreams like I am. But unfortunately no-one was seeking my wisdom or opinions on anything game dev related.

10/10 would work inside a public space again. I really hope the opportunities continue to arise for me to go into a public space and meet like-minded individuals. I will continue to venture outside of the confines of my work station in hopes to make connections and dive deeper into the realm of game development.

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