Transmutation: External Play Test Session 1

03 Aug

Transmutation had its first external play test! How did it go? See for yourself!

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  • Mutant’s only ever targeted the player with the broom. Then if the person with the broom was dead, they went for the guy with the leg of meat.
  • Mutants never targeted the guy with pots.
  • Mutants could be touched or moved once and never do anything again.
  • Mutants can float.
  • Mutants didn’t actually target players properly. They just casually floated towards player one and two and never navigated around objects.
  • Mutant’s kind of didn’t attack.
  • There is too many mutants.
  • The elevator didn’t open.
  • There wasn’t any feedback for if the player was getting hit. Mutants and player just vanished when they died.
  • Some players thought that the Radiation bar was a health bar.
  • Some players didn’t know they could switch characters. It just kind of happened when one was dead.
  • When a certain character died every mutant that would spawn would create a null reference error causing the games frame rate to drop to about -10.
  • The camera goes through surfaces, is always directly behind the character and isn’t movable.
  • There was a little gap in the radiation bar that makes it look like there could be more radiation to go.
  • There was no buffs – which is part of the point of getting radiation.
  • Players could hold down the attack button without releasing it and it would constantly attack.



  • The level looked quite good.
  • Mutants actually spawned.
  • Players actually attacked mutants.
  • Players had the ability to attack mutants.

So where do we go from here?

  • Making the mutants actually navigate their way to every playable character and make them navigate around obstacles – Navmesh will accomplish both of these things.
  • Enable the mutants to attack every player.
  • Stop spawning hordes and hordes of mutants. For the less amount of characters that there are alive – spawn even less.
  • We need to implement the buffs to make gaining radiation not a bad thing – but too much will still cause you to die.
  • Fix the elevator so the doors actually open and players can at least finish the game.
  • Fix the little gap in the radiation bar so it doesn’t look like there’s more when there’s actually not.
  • Fix the null reference on the mutant when a player dies.

Even though these are all mechanical changes and will help better improve the game, what about players and what they are experiencing?

  • They’re not sure of what the green bar does.
  • There’s no feedback for them to let them know whats happening – Sounds for anything.
  • There’s no current way that tells players that they are able to switch characters.
  • The goal of the game isn’t obvious.

It seems obvious to players that they are supposed to run around and kill stuff but there’s no feedback or clarity as of yet. As the developers we know what’s happening but need to remember player’s might not.

Until next time –



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