Transmutation Simple Background Music

30 Jul

Transmutation felt so empty without any audio feedback. So I decided to put my Mulab skills to the test and create a simple background music loop.

I used the exact same process as I did when learning the tools of Mulab. I found a sound that I thought would be fitting for the 5 levels underground nuclear facility canteen setting. Created a sequence that would get me started, changed the beats per bar to 1/12th and started dabbling with different notes to see what type of pitch sound made the most sense. Dabbled with some different note compositions until I eventually finished with a simple background loop.

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I decided on the Wavework sound because it wasn’t just a single note, it had different variations within the note itself that looped for the length that the note was played. It also just seemed so fitting for a game set in a canteen 5 levels underground in a nuclear facility.

Transmutation Fadeout.JPG


After the sequence had ended it felt like the loop started to soon. It needed a fade out period to calm down before looping again. At the end of the sequence I created a new empty sequence just for the sake of letting the background loop sequence fade away.




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It’s not the worlds best track, and that’s fine, but something is better than nothing until we can start to polish up the game.


Until next time –



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