Sea Of Mutiny – Rule Book Refresher

16 Jul

Gestalt’s Principles

As I mentioned in the previous play testing blog the rule book was a significant improvement on the original 5 page novel. But it could still be improved a bit more. We started to put gestalt’s principle of proximity to use whilst also combining with the idea that people prefer to read in columns. People prefer to read in columns?

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Part of this could be from the olden days of news papers – part of this could be from many forms media being presented in the same way. We started to take all of this into account when trying to present all of the workings of Sea Of Mutiny. Whether it’s a crammed full 5 page book – or a largely picture based 5 page rule book and 4 cutouts to read, it seems like a lot of content to read regardless of the actual content. In my mind, if I was handed a 5 page book and handouts just to understand the game, I’d lose a great amount of interest very fast. By condensing and only putting in critical information – we were able to reduce the size of the rule book to one double-sided page and 1 less important ‘Box Contents’ cutout that would eventually go inside of the finished board box.

The Results: One double sided page.

We’ll see if that makes a difference in the last play test session.

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