Renegade Theme Switch

08 Jul

I though I’d start getting into contact with some of the people that approached our team to collaborate with us after our external pitch of our board game “Renegade”.

There was a total of three people who approached our team, all of whom were Animators/3d modelers. But almost straight after our external pitch, one of the modelers and I decided for them to start dabbling on some drawings based around our “Renegade” theme. I told them not to focus to hard or put too much effort into anything just yet because by the time our team had decided on a theme, it would most likely be completely different to what they were working on anyway. I didn’t want their heart and soul to be poured into something that could quite possibly set aflame in seconds.

This is fine

I hadn’t spoken to them since we agreed for them to start dabbling on some drawings. It was about time that we start knuckling down and getting a theme down pat so we could start getting our graphic designers and other 3d modelers put to work. By this point our theme was still a fantasy dungeon/forest escape like previously mentioned and the game was going to be moving forward with this theme. I emailed them and asked to see any progress they’d made and to see if it would fit in with our theme that our team and the graphic designers had decided on. He emailed me back with some pictures of his drawings and asked if we had decided on a theme.

In the process of writing back an email to tell him that our theme was based around fantasy dungeon/forest escape and set out some new work, I received another email from him.

He suggested a pirate theme.


I scrambled to our group conversation, said that one of the animators had an idea for a theme. I practically blurted out “Yo? Pirates?!”, and they’re like “I could get on board with that” – pun intended.  But why the switch?

Well in fantasy, anything can happen, that’s why its fantasy. It’s just a get out of jail free card because it’s the easiest go to solution. Changing to pirates because it fits the entire game we were designing. It makes the most sense for context of the game. Renegade – what’s a pirate renegade? A Mutineer? Besides, who doesn’t want to be a pirate?  Let alone a mutineer of a pirate. Why wouldn’t a pirate want all of the treasure for themselves? We were flooded with ideas that suddenly made the game feel so ‘together’? Everything could fit in together seamlessly and nothing would feel out of place. Also – Pirates. Enough said.

Renegade Needed A New Name.

I set sail to find out some of the name options that could fit the theme for our board game.

  • Mutiny? – Taken.
  • Mutineers? – Makes it sound like everyone’s a mutineer. Let’s keep that one in Davy Jones’ locker. Plus, there is already a French mutineer game. 1. Meuterer 2. More.
  • Anything treasure related. Please no. Stop.
  • Pirates? What’s also affiliated with pirates? Krakens?! What about Kraken – Taken.
  • Release the Kraken? – Taken.
  • Pirates. Pirates sail the ocean. What’s another word for ocean? Sea. Whats a renegade pirate? A Mutineer. Sea of Mutineers? – Again sounds like everyone’s a mutineer. In Davy Jones’ locker it goes.
  • Sea of Mutiny? – Theres a book called Sea of Mutiny by Ken Catran. It’s on a different platform and our board game isn’t going to be put into a production line and rolled out to make $millions.

And thus:

Sea Of Mutiny Was Born!


Until next time –



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