MuLab – My New (DAW) Friend

03 Jul

Hey! I made a Track!

I was speaking to an audio student and asked them what was some good software to create and mix some music in. He suggested searching for free DAW‘s (Digital Audio Workstation). I came across a site that compiled the top ten. After downloading a testing a few I felt that MuLab best catered to what I wanted to do.

It’s extremely straight forward. Find and add some sounds you like by clicking the little + button on the left. Under the compose tab – double-click to create a sequence. select the sequence then click the edit button next to the compose button. This will switch to the editing tab. Mash around on the keyboard to the left to test out notes. Then start placing them in the sequence where you would like them to go.

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There’s a lot more too it than that. But that’s a basic start anyway. Some of the things that tripped me up and caused me to spend some time figuring out was making sure a sequence was placed inside of the compose tab, otherwise when clicking the sound and going into edit, nothing shows up.

Another thing that tripped me up was figuring out the spacing and timing of sounds and sequences to make them line up, start and end when I wanted to. When creating a sequence in the compose tab. It will automatically fill the duration to be from the start loop to the end loop. Once created this can be altered by dragging the start and end point of the sequence.

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Notice that the duration length is snapping between each of the bar values? That’s because of this little bad boy right here:

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The higher that selection will change the amount of beats per bar.

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This allows you to change how many beats are in of a bar, giving you more freedom to place when sounds start and stop. The exact same process can be done inside of the edit tab.

After I figured out about the beats in a bar I was able to adjust, start and stop sounds and sequences exactly how I wanted to. My track ended up looking like this:

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New skill acquired! When it comes to making another digital game I’m sure I’ll try to make some sounds in MuLab rather than googling people other sounds. I feel like the track that I’ve made might suit a menu background. What do you think?

Until next time –




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