Renegade – Teaming up with Graphic Designers

27 Jun

Renegade is going to have some Graphic Designers to create some Graphicy Designy stuff! But what graphicy designy stuff you ask? That’s actually a really good question.

The game is called Renegade…

Originally the team and I had the idea to theme ‘Renegade’ around either a Prison break or a fantasy dungeon escape.

But we thought maybe before cementing in a theme, we would wait to be paired up with some graphic designers to see what ideas they had. Part of the decision to wait was what if our group came up with a theme that the graphic designers hated and was completely different to their skill set? Or something that they wouldn’t be able to accurately represent as well as we needed or wanted it to be?

They ended up liking the fantasy dungeon theme, but proposed adapting it to half of the board would be dungeon, the other half enchanted forest and the characters could be part shape shifter. It enabled making all of the games context fit in, link to each other and interpret easier. Easier reasons to understand why there are chests in a dungeon instead of a prison. Why would someone want to be a renegade when it’s a prison break? Wouldn’t all three people want to get out rather than it be a 2 v 1? It would also make it easier to fabricate some back story to the game and the context of the actions performed on the cards.

Bank Error

Not just draw a green card and have it say “move forward 2 spaces”. Instead, “A Wolf howls in the background, you panic and sprint forward 2 tiles”.

We are still deciding on visually how the game will look, but at this point we have come to the conclusion on the cards. I’m going to be careful when I say “The same principles as a Hearthstone card”. But what I mean is, there will be a strong centre point to focus on that will have some form of image representing the effect that the card would have, A border around the outside of the card, and colours that match what colour card it is.


I’m sure there will be many more visuals to discuss and update as Renegade continues to be made. But that’s all for now.

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