Renegade – Board Game – Paper Prototype

24 Jun

I’m currently in the process of creating a 3 player board game “Renegade” with two other team members. Renegade is a Free For All / 2v1 Cooperation card using strategy/race board game. Each player randomly gets dealt an allegiance card on game start, two are non renegades, the other is a renegade. The renegade must beat the two non-renegade’s to the end of the board and vice versa.

Documentation is still going on behind closed doors and we are flushing out specific details and mechanics to Renegade. Upon pitching this to two groups, one small and one large, we received copious amounts of suggestions. We have sifted through all of said suggestions and picked apart what we are or are not going to use or adapt into Renegade’s game play. Some suggestions we are taking on board deviate completely from the original idea. Some, we have adapted in more complicated ways to increase interesting game play dynamics whilst also being easier and faster to perform these actions, more API (Actions Per Minute).

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While some of the systems and numbers are still being tweaked I’ve gone ahead and made some placeholder prototypes. 3 Cards that we have already defined – The 2 Non-renegade and the 1 Renegade card have been created and detailed as such. However, while there is a board and it has spaces that the players move around on, the design is not finalized. The board remains blank at the current moment. Instead of drawing on the board to replicate what & how many squares will be on the board, small white squares that aren’t attached to the board will be made to freely change the layout at any given state. Allowing much more freedom and ease of iteration with changes made much faster. There are also 15 of each Red, Blue and Green cards. These will engage the players in performing specific actions. These are still also having specific design details iterated over. For now, each of the 15 cards have no instructions, but have a visual representation of what suit colour they belong to.

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There’s plenty more to create and discuss, but that’s all for now.

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