Ball Ball Placeholder Assets

17 Jun

So, prototypes need some form of visual representation right? Yes, they do. Unity comes with some generic shapes when making a 3D game. But 2D isn’t so lucky because it only has an add sprite option, where Unity provides you with some standard sprite images to choose from.  Therefore my thinking is, if it only takes a few minutes to find an image that has a better representation of the object I’m trying to use, instead of having a whole bunch of generic shapes that could confuse me later distinguishing what does what, why not do that first. This way I can customize to an extent each objects visual representation, making the game overall easier to understand.

So that means that I’d need to find some form of image that has the shape that I need, but not necessarily the appearance. For example, I will need a few different square shapes for different materials, and if they all look relatively the same they may be hard to tell apart in an instant.

Like a ball, some blocks, some goo, some pickups such as – gravity, shrink pickup and enlarge pickup.

Let’s not forget a background.

These are all placeholder assets from Google Images until I can create my own through Adobe Illustrator.


Until next time –



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