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23 Mar

Remember in a previous blog post that I said my Explosive Pinball game was downloaded once? It still has the same amount of downloads, and it’s not that I’m not proud of my game (giggles), my game, but I’m not exactly disappointed with it’s single download. If it were a game that I had created or participated in creating and wanted it to be seen by more people, it raises the question. How would I get more people to see it?

Well, that depends.

Am I currently working for a well known games development company? If so, then a company like that would already have a fan base and would have it’s own ways of marketing or advertising it.

Am I currently working in or for, a small development company? Or am I flying solo just trying to get my own work out there? If so, then depending on what fan base (and budget) was already in place there are a few different options that come to mind. How about spamming my personal Facebook friends and asking them to play it. A few people would download it, and in turn if they enjoyed it they could tell their friends and so on and so forth. Facebook currently has just over a billion daily active usersOver a billion.

A billion is just a little more than 9000 right? Any who, that’s a really big amount of people who have the potential to see people even talking about it. What about directly contacting other games developers, through Facebook, Twitter,, LinkedIn, or even write to the people at Kotaku, Gamasutra or Polygon asking them on their opinion on the game? How about the people that I would have met at PAX? Or talk to other indie developers that have recently released mobile app games and ask them to promote this game through ads in their game, whilst also asking them if they would like their game promoted via my game. What about other game developer through their blog sites? Like Dusty CartridgePlatinumGames, Gamedev Coder Diary, Pastagames or EndlessFluff?

There are so many viable options on how to get things seen or heard. The internet is a galaxy of exploration, I’ll just need to make a few explosions before I start getting recognized. If there’s one thing that I’ve learnt since studying games development it’s that games people want to help games people.

But if all else fails I’m just going to resort to throwing flyers in peoples faces.

Richardson Throwing Flyers.jpg

Until next time –




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