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07 Mar

Spongebob secret box

Remember that internship I said I applied for in a previous blog post? Well I haven’t heard anything back about that yet, and that’s not to say I won’t, but what if my resume/portfolio/cover letter/recommendation just isn’t enough? The moment I hit submit, my brain started to overload.Brain overload

Have I put in critical information? Have I missed anything? Should have I gone into greater details in some aspects? Is there too much now? Whoops now this has turned into a 5000 word essay.

Too many things had crossed my mind to see if I’d put in all the relevant information, things that grab their attention or if my experience exceeded everyone else’s who was also applying (which it didn’t and surely still doesn’t). Sure a cover letter covers a small amount of information to let the employer know why you are applying for the job and why you are the right fit. But there’s only so many things you can put into a job application before they soon have a truck reversing into their building with all of your document’s on why you should get the job. Piece’s of paper or reading text on a screen can only get you so far.

Being in the presence of someone will reveal so much more than just having a bit of text describing them. Can text show passion? EmotionBody Language? Maybe if it’s magical.

Let’s pretend that a bomb-ass job application was written and the employer’s like “Yup, let’s get this candidate in”. So now it’s time for an interview right?

E A S Y?

W R O N G.

Well not if you’re a seasoned interviewee or interviewer, in that case it’s probably easy. But for me it’s still a bit daunting. I’ve been interviewed a few times for a few different jobs and I can safely say that every single job I’ve applied for wasn’t because it was a career path I wanted to spend the rest of my life in. I’m only young, I got a job because I wanted/needed money. The world doesn’t pay for itself. But being a little bit older and a little bit wiser I can come to realize how I presented myself on these occasions and learn from what I think now would make the difference. Hopefully the next job interview that I go to will be for a job relating to something within the games development industry.

THESE, these are the interviews that matter. These are the interviews that I need to take a step back and think, if I was the employer and I had someone walk through my doors and wanted to exchange their particular skill set for my money, how would I expect them to present themselves. From the second I could visibly see them I’d be analyzing their every move, every word they speak to the way they say it. So now that I’m in a career path that I WANT to be in, what differences would I make to reinforce that I’m the right candidate for the job?

  1. Be passionate. There is a fire burning inside of me and it’s craving whatever you’re serving up game development related. It needs fuel and I want to fuel it. I’ve chosen this line of work and this is definitely more than just a job for me.
  2. Take the time to elaborate on things I’ve been asked. Instead of short answers, go into greater detail, it will reveal a lot more that what you realize.
  3. Ask them questions. Be interested enough to know more about them as a person, or as a company. Be intrigued enough to want more than just knowing their company name. What have their ups and downs been? Who are the heroes at your company? What characteristics do each of the people who are most celebrated have in common with one another?
  4. (If lacking in experience) Reassure them that even though lacking in experience might not completely be a bad thing. It means that there aren’t any good or bad habits. People cant be measured by what they haven’t done. (Have we all gone to the moon? No. Does that mean that if everyone was given the opportunity, we would all mess it up?)

I’ve walked into a job interview with zero experience in that related field against 3 other people who had experience shadowing over me. I’m assuming my great attitude and dashingly good looks got me the job. But within a year my skill level had started to show that I was miles ahead of where people at my stage should be. In the next few years my skill level started to be equal to or greater than people who had been there for decades. It’s a different story if they need something completed in 6 weeks and it’d take me years to even learn how to do that. But my point is remember risk vs reward. What if that other person has the experience & same passions that I do? Well bugger, they’re probably going to get the job. But good on them. From a business point of view I’d pick the safest most reliable option with the greatest chance of return with no risk as well.

But what If there’s one extra step I could take? What if I’ve already made connections and it wouldn’t be the first time that we would be meeting and they’re already familiar with me. That would be an advantage. Someone who shows that they are genuinely interested in the industry and has gone out of their way to take the time to introduce themselves and make connections. I’m in the games development industry right? There’s events going on that a lot of important games development people will be at? Such as PAX? Indie developers, People just above my current career level, People in the exact same career level as me? I should undoubtedly be attending these events, meeting people getting my name known and face recognized. If there’s one thing that’s for certain, it’s that I am in this industry to stay. One day my name will be spoken and it won’t just be “Who’s that guy”?

Pax TicketMe

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