GAM 111.3 Reflective Development Logbook Blog 8 (Week 9)

18 Nov

Fiery number 9

Week nine!

So for this lesson we had expanded a bit more on the side scroller that we started last week. The spider now patrols (walks back and forwards) between two points, which a located at the end of the platform that it stands on. We have also made the spider angry!

Angry Spider

No, but seriously, we have.

An “agro zone” which is just an area or space, located somewhere close to an object. In this case, the agro zone is just a big box collider that spans the length of the platform that the spider patrols back and forth on.

Agro zone screenshot

When the player, (Skeleton) enters this agro zone, the agro zone talks to the spider and saysWaving Bear

“Hey, theres someone in your zone, go eat them” (it doesnt actually talk out loud) then, the  spider turns to look at the skeleton, thinks “FRESH MEAT” , changes it’s walking speed and charges towards the skeleton. Once the spider is close enough to the skeleton, the spider starts to attack! (and also plays an attack animation)

Spider Attack


As for my Tower Defense assignment, I have created a total of 11 enemies (By create I mean import 3d character models from the Unity asset store and add scripts to make them do what I want).

Enemies ScreenShot

A total of 7 Towers.

Tower Screenshot

The 11 enemies all have animations, including a running animation that loops while the enemy navigates their way to the end zone. Health and movement speeds have been set up, but haven’t been tweaked yet. The game is too early into development to set proper amounts which will result in balanced game play.

The 7 towers all have animations, some have been set up, some have not. All of the towers pick an enemy to shoot and creates a projectile (or a lazor!) that moves towards (and tracks and rotates towards) the enemy target. Each tower has a certain amount of muzzle’s that the projectiles will be instantiated at. Each time a projectile is instantiated, it is at a random muzzle out of total amount of muzzles that the particular tower has. When the projectile collides with the enemy they take damage and if the enemy has no health they die. I’m hoping to play a death animation when the health is zero, but want the tower to recognize that the enemy is dead and change its focus to a different enemy that is alive. I hope that this is a simple as creating a bool that says the enemy is alive, and only make towers attack an alive target. When the enemies health is zero, switch the bool to true and play a death animation, when the animation is complete, destroy the object.

Problems encountered {

Literally none that were too difficult to figure out. Sure there were a few bugs and errors here and there, but I knew exactly what and where was going wrong.


Plans for this week {

Shape the landscape.

Make a layout (Path) that the enemies will run through (I.E. checkpoints). Using a similar method that we have in place for the spider in our side scroller game.


This weeks song:

Until next time –




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2 responses to “GAM 111.3 Reflective Development Logbook Blog 8 (Week 9)

  1. danieljochem

    December 15, 2015 at 4:01 am

    Hello to you too!

    I have been really enjoying your development posts, I feel as though you are going to be a well-rounded Games Developer. Even though your specialisation is in Games Design, your scripts seem to be of a high quality and I can tell that you are a fast learner.

    I will look forward to reading future posts, good luck with your development in this field,



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