GAM 111.3 Reflective Development Logbook Blog 7 (Week 8)

12 Nov

*Startled Noise*

Week 8?! Where did you come from?!

Back at uni and on the stretch to finish this trimester.

Week 8’s class was a rather interesting class. We had a small unity project framework provided –


A 3D Side Scroller. The skeleton asset came with a 3D model skeleton ready to import into the game and 8 animations ready to be connected. The lecturer had already had functionality to move left, right, and jump.

What we added {

Parenting  to a platform that the skeleton is standing on, so if the platform ever moves the skeleton moves with it instead of the platform moving underneath (or other ways) while the skeleton stays in its current position.

Animations : Using an Enumerator (or Enum), which lets us store variables with names that we can recognize, and switch between which enum is activated using code. So when a certain enum state is selected, the skeleton will play an animation. (Lucky we learnt about animations the week after I started to use them at home by myself).

Camera Tracking: Makes the camera follow an object (in this case, the skeleton) without making it a child of the object. It’s coded to follow its location and stay at a distance.

Enemy: An enemy (spider) that currently does nothing but die when the player attacks it.

Setting up the collision detection for the sword was slightly complicated. Attaching a box collider to where the sword in the skeletons hand didn’t work. Unity would remember where the sword was before the game started, but once the game started and the animations started to move the skeletons limbs, the box collider would stay where the original position of the sword was. I found a fix for this. A box collider moves with the movement of the skeletons hand, and by attaching a box collider to the skeletons hand and moving and shaping its position to the same as the swords caused it to work the way I wanted.

I also had to turn that particular box collider into a trigger so during the idle animation of the skeleton, the sword wasn’t constantly colliding with objects in the game world and moving the location of the entire skeleton (all whilst making it look ridiculous).

Now because the box collider on the sword was a trigger, every time it entered the spider it was doing damage, even if the skeleton wasn’t attacking. So a boolean had to be used (which is a true or false statement) to identify that the skeleton is in fact attacking. If the attack animation was playing (which made the bool true) and the object that the sword’s collider was touching was the “Spider”, then the damage was dealt and a sound was played. When the spider had no health, he died and played a death animation. Poor Spidey.



Spiderman cry


Assignment number 2 has been revealed to us!

Carlton Dance

Quote : “A single-player 3D top-down isometric perspective game with a focus on economically achievable goals and strategic play. Possible game examples that could fit this design brief are quite diverse, ranging from Real Time Strategy Games (Starcraft 2, Command and Conquer series) to base/city building simulations (Cities: Skylines, Banished).”


What has two thumbs and is about to start making a ‘Tower Defense’ game?


I was/still am a big fan of Warcraft III ‘Wintermaul’ & ‘Line Tower Wars’ and other tower defense games.

WintermaulLine tower wars

Wintermaul Tower


So, I’ve gone ahead and made a start, incorporating a lot of the things we have learnt in the last few weeks of lessons.


Having an enemy use a NavMesh to navigate its way to a location in the game world.

Raycasting and instantiating a projectile to resemble a turret, or in this case, a ‘Tower’.

Having a certain amount of lives and losing lives when an enemy enters the end zone.


Plans for this week {

Add a heap of assets for enemies and configure some animations so it feels more of a game already rather than just a project with basic shape moving. (It’s amazing how much it makes it feel more like a game just by added a few visual aesthetics)

Make the projectiles track the enemy locations and rotate towards them so a shot never misses, but if a projectile is in the process of moving towards an enemy and the enemy dies before the projectile hits it, make it finish its trajectory forward without tracking another enemy.

Set up a few more towers with different functions and ways for shooting with different projectiles.

Make the projectiles deal damage to enemies.

Kill the enemies when their health is zero.


This weeks song :

Until next time –





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