GAM 111.3 Reflective Development Logbook Blog 5 (Week 6)

29 Oct

Howdily doodily neighborino’s!

Ned Flanders

This post is being posted a bit later through the week rather than earlier because I have been flat out trying to finish three assessments, one of which is my Explosive Pinball assessment.

Quick update on the FPS we have been doing in class.

AK74u Screenshot

We’ve added an AK74u weapon, that uses raycasting to send its damage. All of the components needed to complete this weapon were provided, we only added a small amount of code to complete the weapons functionality and to activate animations such as reloading and the muzzle flash.

Explosive Pinball Main MenuMain Menu ScreenshotExplosive Pinball gameplay screenshotPause MenuPause Menu Instructions ScreenshotExplosive Pinball NUKE screenshotMain Menu

It’s posted on, Go check it out. Free download :

Explosive Pinball is complete and I can say that every plan from the previous week has been met. I’ve also added an instructions menu and a massive nuke when the game is over.

The game starts at a main menu with the option to click play or exit. Clicking play takes the player to the explosive pinball game scene. At any point during game play in the explosive pinball scene, if the escape button is pressed, a pause menu appears with options exit to the main menu, read instructions, or resume game play. While the pause menu is activated the game is paused, the time scale is set to 0. When the main menu or resume button are clicked, the time scale is set to 1. When the game is over, a ‘Game Over’ screen appears showing the players score, and the high score, along with the option to return to the main menu or play again.

Every interact-able  game object (Bumpers, kickers, spinners, etc) have a score value, which is added to a total running score when the ball collides with them. No points are awarded for hitting a wall, a paddle, or launching the ball. The velocity at which the ball is traveling at the point of collision also adds to the score value.

Every interact-able game object also has a chance to explode on collision with the ball. Each object has a particular percent that the explosion will occur based on a random number being generated. Upon the requirements being met, an explosion occurs along with bits of shrapnel that scatter the playing field and also explode upon the end of their life span or colliding with the Ball. The shrapnel also has a random life span.

The method that I have created to add a score on collision has a total of 5 arguments.

  • The score value.
  • The current score multiplier.
  • The velocity of the ball.
  • The explosion value (value when an explosion takes place).
  • The current explosion multiplier.

Which turns into –

Score += ((Score value * Score Multiplier) + (Ball Velocity * Score Multiplier) + (Score value * Explosion Multiplier) + (Score value * Explosion Score)

The same method is used to add to a similar score, called ‘Current Ball Score’, but if at any point during game play a ball is to be out of the play area (under the paddles) the current ball score is set to zero.

The score multiplier increases by 1 and a second ball comes into play when the current ball score is greater than a million. The score multiplier can reach a maximum of 5, each increment from 1 to 5 has a set current ball score before it increases. The secondary ball also adds to the total score and current ball score.

A UI displays :

  • Score
  • Ball Number
  • Ball Score
  • Explosion Multiplier
  • Score Multiplier
  • High Score

The game is also complete with sounds. Looping music in the main menu and game scene, different sounds for different in game interactions such as collisions and clicking menu buttons.

Quite happy with the result.

This weeks song:

Until next time –



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