GAM 111.3 Reflective Development Logbook Blog 4 (Week 5)

20 Oct

Week 5 already, whoa, time does fly when you’re having fun.

Greetings yet again,

Update on the first person shooter –

Week 2 FPS (Mid air)

In this weeks class we added in a few new features. Jump pads, rocket jumping and a turret that follows the players location and shoots at them.

The jump pad is straight forward, when the player comes into contact with jump pad it sends the player upwards. The same was done for rocket jumping, but the collision detection was on the explosion of the rocket projectile. If the player was inside of the explosion radius, they were sent flying in the opposite direction that they were positioned to the explosion itself via a certain amount of force that has been predetermined.

We learnt how to create something that resembles the same functionality of a turret. An object that tracks the movement and location of another object (in this case the player) and shoots or launches a projectile at said object via Raycasting (see also Ray & RaycastHit). If the object that the ‘turret’ is targeting and is within its range, the turret turns towards the players location and starts to shoot. If the player is not within shooting range, the turret stays at its current rotation and stops shooting.

The player does not have an amount of health and the turret does not deal damage.

Explosive Pinball update:

Last week I mentioned that having four paddles was causing problems and that I had no explanation as to why or solution to fix the problem and have all four work at once. I was considering deleting either one or two paddles, and the result is two. So instead of having four paddles, the final amount is two.

The end result for this weeks work looks like this :

Screenshot (21)

The layout has been completed and I have made a few tweaks to locations of existing objects and prefabs. The playing field now also has bumpers, kickers, spinners and a set of targets that drop when hit, and reappear when all three have been hit. Also added in an explosion asset which has multiple prefabs ready to attach to game objects.

Bumpers and kickers use an explosive force when the ball makes contact.

The drop targets don’t apply any force to the ball, but simply lower their location when contact is made with the ball and ball only. Once all three targets have been hit, they then locate themselves back to the starting position.

Spinners are thin light spinning circles that are locked on the X, Y & Z axis’, but can rotate freely.

Also added the ‘Tilt’ feature, so if the ball is ever stuck, or the player feels the need to tilt the playing field, ‘A’ and ‘apostrophe’ tilt the table left or right 2.5 degrees for the duration that the player is pressing either.

There hasn’t been any issues at all for this weeks progress since deleting two paddles. Everything is working nicely.

Plans for this week {

Explosive Pinball :

  • Make a Main menu that leads to opening the game scene.
  • Make a pause menu.
  • Make a scoring system.
  • Make score UI’s, including a High score and learn how to store it properly in PlayerPrefs.
  • Add sounds.

First player shooter :

  • Absolutely nothing, 100% of my focus will be going towards completing the pinball assessment and other assessments, as they are due this week.


This weeks song:

Until next time –



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