Curation – CIU 110.1 Blog 4 (Week 5)

19 Oct

Curating about other content –

A link to my pinterest board:

The pinterest link shows inspiration and interests related to games.

Blizzard:Blizzard Entertainment Logo OfficialDiablo IIIDiablo

Blizzard Entertainment, a video game developer and publisher, that have many smash hit games. The images relate directly to Blizzard itself. The main image, being the companies logo, and the two below it representing one name of a created game and an image related to said created game. Each images screams individuality, with characteristics that define what they are. The Blizzard Entertainment logo is on a black background with the companies name blue and white in the center, which makes it a powerful point of interest. The blue resembles the same colour as ice that can be found during blizzards. The Diablo game logo and image of the end game boss’s head “Diablo” go hand in hand forwarding the motion of this demon slaying game.

Bungie :



Bungie, a video game developer and publisher. The main image is Bungie’s logo. A dark grey background with big white letters spelling the companies name. The logo is simple but if you have any knowledge of anything Bungie do or are about, your brain should start to be flooded with thoughts or memories depicting exactly “who” Bungie are and “what” they do. The bottom left “Sunsinger” image is by a person whose online identity is “DrBumperHumper”. A Warlock which is a playable class in one of Bungie’s recent popular games “Destiny” that has the ability to set themselves ablaze and swiftly hurl grenades of fire. The image is bold with vibrant colours and shows the warlock’s immense power. The bottom right Warlock image is by Scott Woolston. This image is also of a playable Warlock class, and accurately represents what Warlocks can wear in the game.



All pictures in this post are derived directly from authors on pinterest. I do not own, nor have I created these images.

Image source :

Lyness, N. (2015). Gaming Related. Retrieved 19 October 2015, from

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