GAM 111.3 Reflective Development Logbook Blog 3 (Week 4)

13 Oct

Hey there,

An explosive first player shooter was the task that we were working on in this weeks class. The framework for this game had already been done, thanks to the lecturer. Setting it up from scratch to the point that it was handed to us would have taken up far too much valuable class time. Without modifying what had been created already, there is a player with a rocket launcher, a wall and a barrel. We were in control of the player with the rocket launcher, and able to move using the “W S A D” keys and control where the player looked using the mouse, just like a regular FPS on PC’s these days. Also able to shoot a rocket by left clicking, and jump by pressing the space bar. The rocket’s didn’t do any damage or apply any physics to objects it hit.

FPS BaseScreenshot Launching Rocket

By the end of the lesson, enemies would be automatically spawning, tracking and moving to the player’s current location, whilst being able to maneuver around objects in the game. This was done by using a NavMeshAgent. The enemies would also die after taking so much damage, which isn’t unfamiliar territory. But something new and definitely interesting we did learn was how to calculate how much damage to deal depending on the enemies location to the centre of the blast radius. The closer they are, the more damage they receive. This was done when the actual explosion and contact of the missile happened. If there were game objects inside of the explosion before the duration of the explosion expired, it would apply appropriate damage to the object based on its distance from the origin of the explosion.

Explosive Pinball update :

So, last week i mentioned that I had upgraded from unity 4 to unity 5 and I was having problems with my paddles flipping out, (literally), and problems with the ball correctly gaining momentum when travelling downhill. Since then both problems have been rectified.

Fixing the paddles was a lot easier than I had anticipated, but finding out the reason as to why they were acting they was they did took me a little bit longer than I would have liked. What was actually causing the paddles to completely flip out was being constrained on the axis’ I had selected. Removing the constraints resulted in the paddles functioning and sitting how I planned.

Fixing the ball’s dynamic/static friction of the rigidbody to 0 corrected the issue I was having with the ball gaining the correct momentum whilst moving.

Screenshot (20)

BUT, now a new problem has occurred, I have absolutely no idea how to fix this problem, nor does my lecturer or my classmates. Each paddle has a script that give it the functionality needed to work properly, the only difference being that each paddle is waiting for a different button input to flick upwards. The top two outer paddles would work off the “Z” and “/” buttons on the keyboard. “Z” being the left, and “/” being the right. The bottom Left “X, and the bottom right “.” (period). The problem being that when four of these scripts are activated at the same time (not four on one paddle) it completely stops all four paddles from working, the game recognizes that the buttons are being pressed but functionality fails. Deactivating one of the scripts (not removing it) on any paddle returns the three paddles with the scripts still activated to work perfectly fine. I have also tried to completely redo the script and attach it multiple different times different ways and in different orders, also tried to re-create the paddles from scratch and apply the new/old scripts in different ways too. I could write a whole list of things that I’ve tried but i don’ feel like throwing my emotional state back into a frenzy of rage.


I might try post something on and see if anyone else might have a solution. Otherwise, find a new way to my paddles to work, delete a paddle or delete two paddles. I’m sure ill decide soon enough.

On a more positive note, I have the ball launching and instantiating correctly, a dead zone working, have functionality to spawn a second ball into play, a few objects that add score when contact is made with the ball, and a few more bits a pieces that are ready to expand on.

Plans for this week {

I would love to completely overhaul this FPS, but my attention is going to be directed to pinball, as it’s an assessment.

Explosive Pinball :

  • Create a start menu and select to play the game.
  • Add functionality to pause when the player presses escape and for a pause menu to pop up.
  • Decide on a final number and layout for paddles.
  • Add objects that makes the pinball field more like a real table with lots to interact with and assign different scores.
  • Create a Heads up display showing which ball the player is on and how many left. Score & score multiplier.
  • More visual effects and shapes to make it feel like my own design rather than just the basic unity shapes of cubes, spheres, cylinders and capsules.


Plenty more to do, but i think that’s a reasonable amount to have done next week.

I heart Gaming

This weeks song:

Until next time –





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