Future Predictions – CIU 110.1 Blog Post 3 ( Week 4)

12 Oct

Back to the Future 1


Smart Balance Wheel

Hendo Hoverboard

Lexus Hoverboard

Oh yes, You know where I’m going with this!

I know that hover boards have been a concept since the the earlier days of the famous movie series Back to the Future, and for quite some time we didn’t have the technology or knowledge to create these masterpieces. While we still haven’t perfected the art of “Hover boards”, there have been some really impressive results. Such as the “Segway”, a two wheeled, self-balancing, battery-powered electric vehicle. The “Smart Balance Wheel Board”, “Hendo’s Hover Board” and “Lexus’ Hover Board” along with many others.

I predict that in the near future, these will only become increasingly popular and more readily available to the public. I’m not saying that these hover boards will replicate the mobility shown in something like Back to the Future or cars in The Fifth Element. But maybe, more so to the point, where they are able to traverse less perfectly smooth and straight grounds and also serve more as a recreational item than a way of important transport.

The fifth elemnt } I’m only using a Wikipedia site to reveal how many times hover boards have been included in things (scroll down to Popular culture). A lot more than what came to my mind at first.

Until next time –



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