Media Use – CIU 110.1 Blog Post 2 (Week 3)

09 Oct

Greetings again fellow Bloggers and Readers.

In this blog post I will be covering the forms of media that I participate in and am subject to, while also explaining which are important to me and their impact.

Below are two lists of media –

Media inventory:

– Playstation 3 & 4

– Netflix

– Mobiles

– IPad

– Computers

White PS4

My social Media:

– Facebook

– Instagram

– 9gag and 9gag TV

– Twitch

– YouTube

– WordPress (For university purposes)

– Pinterest (For university purposes)


The media inventory are object/platforms that enable me to be subject to those certain forms of media. My social Media, are forms of social media that enable me to be subject to media, but also allows me to project my own interests.

I use all of these platforms because I believe they are all unique and offer different experiences. While there are so many forms of media that I could indulge in, I’m comfortable with what I use already. Many of these platforms seems to intertwine or link to another, or multiple at the same time. For example, if I am playing on my Playstation 4, I could be talking to people who are online, about something that might have happened on Facebook or a video they viewed on YouTube or a streamer on Twitch. Being on one of these platforms doesn’t restrict my presence to other forms. I find in some cases having an online presence enhances it on other platforms.

(As a Games Designer) I think that computers, my phone and WordPress (in that order) are the most important to me. Computers because they are the hub for the majority of my forms of media, they also allow me to go through the process of creating games and learning how to create games. My phone because that is my main way that I am currently creating an informative and opinionated online presence. And then WordPress, because although it is only fairly new to me, it is a critical part of becoming a self-directed learner, and to demonstrate effective communication, presentation and study/research skills. Over time these may change order, or to completely different forms.

(For personal interest) My PlayStation 4, Computers, Phone are the most important to me. These three are all equal to me. They each allow me to play games (among other things) that allow me to get my inner games designer flowing. Playing games now isn’t just for fun anymore, it’s also research and furthering my understanding / curiosity into how games work.


I could jabber on for quite some time about games, so I will keep this last fact short. Starting to study a Bachelor of Games Design has completely changed the way I think about games and media, for the better.

Until next time –

Feenikx Egg



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