GAM 111.3 Reflective Development Logbook Blog 2 (Week 3)

09 Oct

Hello again,

In this weeks class we progressed our SHMUP (“Shoot ’em Up”) game a little bit more.

Screenshot (17)

The image above shows enemy tracking the player movement, and seeking missiles being launched and in the process of tracking the closest enemy to that particular missile. We learnt how to launch “Enemy” seeking missiles, using a “Slerp” function, And a way for enemies to track the player using a “Lerp” function. (Slerp = Spherically interpolates between two vectors. Lerp = Linearly interpolates between two vectors).

Example: Lerp – If the two known points are given by the coordinates (X0,Y0) and (X1, Y1), the linear interpolant is the straight line between these points. For a value x in the interval (X0, X1), the value y along the straight line is given from the equation.(

Plans for this week – {


  • I would have liked to complete the UI (User Interface) with a start Menu screen, a Pause screen (with the option to quit and resume play).
  • Make sure the player gets 1 tracking missile every 15 seconds, and have a user interface counter that counts down until the next one is readily available and the amount that the player has ready to fire.
  • Make the enemies actual enemies with full functionality to seek out and destroy the player by shooting their own projectiles.
  • Add a few more dangerous objects floating through space.
  • Add a visual aesthetic to the missile being launched (some form of missile or cool looking projectile).
  • Have a finished build and upload it to

Explosive Pinball

  • Work on Pinball and implement the things mentioned in the previous post.


So last week I mentioned that I would have liked to get certain things done to my Explosive Pinball assignment, and yet only two plans had been met. The playing field with some boundaries, and paddle movement.

Screenshot (18)

Work and other duties got the best of my time this week which is rather disappointing.

Aside from having no time to do the majority of what I wanted this week, only one major problem occurred and one slightly annoying problem. After having paddle’s that worked perfectly I realized that I was still using Unity 4, and these projects need to be completed in Unity 5.1.3. So once I had updated the version of unity that I was using it completely broke my paddles. The paddles worked of a hinge-joint and i constrained them on certain axis, such as the X and Y Location, and X and Z rotation. User input was no longer valid and the game did not recognize when the correct button had been pressed to make the paddle flick. Whenever I started the game, my paddles would literally do this :

Not quite sure how I could fix this just yet, but I’m definitely determined to try fix this, even if it means finding a new way for paddles to work. The other smaller annoying problem is the physics with the ball. With the playing field on a slight tilt (replicating a real pinball table) the ball doesn’t seem to inherit the correct physics or gain momentum when traveling downhill. My lecturer has pointed out that there’s a certain setting that dynamic/static friction of a standard rigidbody isn’t automatically set to 0. So to fix this I plan on focusing and fixing what he has suggested is making the problem. Next week I’m going to try work a little bit less and focus on getting a massive chunk of this pinball assignment done.


This weeks song:


Always a pleasure,

Until next time –





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