GAM 111.3 Reflective Development Logbook – Blog 1 (week 2)

07 Oct

Greetings fellow Bloggers and Readers!

As part of the final assessment for my GAM 111 Scripting for Game Developers I am required to write blog posts on a weekly basis that explain what goals are planned for that week, key milestones achieved, any setbacks and ways they have been / will be overcome.

This trimester there are three assessments for this subject. The first, which I am working on now is an explosive version of Pinball. The second will be revealed to me at a later date. And the third is to write these blog posts. Our actual game creation will be done so by using Unity 5.

So, in the class this week we covered some basics for a SHMUP (“Shoot ‘em Up”) – Shoot 'Em Up Example 1

Ours aren’t anywhere near as fancy as these, YET.

Plans for this week – {


SHMUP basic.

  • Add some visual aesthetics to my SHMUP game which i will do by importing some 3d models. I am hoping to do some form of space vessels.
  • Add line render’s to the projectiles.
  • Add a background image.
  • Add sound effects when projectiles are fired and collide with an object. At this point in time I will most likely create these simple sounds by using

Explosive Pinball Assignment

  • Create a general playing field and add boundaries for the pinball.
  • Create arbitrary objects inside the playing field for the ball to collide with and add score.
  • Create and set a layout for the Score interface which updates correctly.
  • Decide on a theme for my Explosive Pinball Game.


During this week’s SHMUP project there actually hasn’t been any setbacks at all surprisingly. What made it such a lengthy process was knowing exactly what i wanted to do and implementing it in the correct way. At the start of this project I knew I wanted it to be a space SHMUP, but had absolutely no goals to what EXACT visual aesthetics this would have. Luckily, I had the Unity Asset store to provide some awesome options.

Milestones this week have definitely been learning how to import assets from the unity store (which I have learnt isn’t exactly hard), but it makes a tremendous difference. From where this game started, and to what it is now blows my mind. As for the previous mentioned plans for this week, I can successfully say that these plans for the SHMUP have been met, but as for Explosive pinball, only a playing field had been created.

Screenshot (15)

Ships that have rotating Gatling guns on top! A sky-box that adds an amazing galaxy image in the background. Visual effects such as engine flames and orange projectiles. Looping Random music from an array, so on game play start a different background song will play, and once it ends another will take its place. A sound that plays when every shot is fired. 

While there is still so much more that can be done to this game, I’m so proud of where it is currently, and I have learnt so much about things I can do for my next project and future assignments.

I am looking forward to continue blogging about my adventure to become a Games Designer.

I’m also going to share a song each week. Why? Well why not?

Until next time –




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